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Stock and Pre-owned Sailing Dinghies

A range of Porter fitted out Wayfarers, Wanderers and Gulls are now available from Ian Porter. The boats are generally delivered as bare mouldings and then the small team in Emsworth finish them and fit them out to owners specifications. Please contact Ian for early deliveries. We also actively sell H10 and H12 dinghies which are also available on the South Coast.

Ian Porter Sales Ltd are looking to assist in the selling of pre-owned dinghies within our range with a special emphasis on Wayfarers, Wanderers and Gull . We ensure that these boats are fit for purpose and offer a hand over service so that prospective owners can have confidence that their purchase will give them hours of enjoyment.


Mark 4 Cruiser – stock boat .

We are just completing a brand new stock boat which has been built in oxford blue topsides, with a double white waterline and standard grey deck.

The boat is currently available in the standard specification but this level of equipment can be enhanced to suit the owners requirements. The starting level of equipment includes:

Centreboard , rudder and tiller assembly, stem head and shroud points, keel band , self bailers, toe straps, mainsheet and genoa sheet, mast and boom, kicking strap and mainsail and genoa. The boat has been tested to the RCD standards and this includes air testing for buoyancy.


Southampton Boat Show Offer: the boat show offer on the above boat will include a  FREE full combination trailer trolley assembly worth over £1000.

Contact Ian Porter Sales on 01243 377522 or sales@porters.org.uk to secure a very special deal.


Wayfarer Mark 2 – sail number 10391  “Arwen”. Built by Porter bros in 2004 and is therefore one of the last Mark 2 boats out of the Series 2 tooling.

The boat is built with rail blue topside and a double waterline together with two tone deck in white and grey.

This Wayfarer has wooden centreboard and rudder together with fore and aft benches. The rear tank has access through a removable hatch for storage.

The sails comprise of a mainsail with 2 slab reefing points, which is transom sheeted. There is a genoa and also a storm jib.

There is a mooring fairlead and cleat together with an anchor and warp – there are a pair of paddles.

The cover is reasonable recent and deep skirted and this boat has just been upgraded with a brand new combination trailer trolley assembly.

The outboard motor bracket is then complimented by a recently serviced 3.5 hp, 2 stroke Tohatsu outboard with spares.

This is a simply rigged boat which has an adaptable sail plan SOLD


Wayfarer 10094 Wayfarer World “ Jammy Squirrel”.     Built by Porter Bros in 1999 with a two tone white and grey deck and a white hull with red waterline.This is a very comprehensive package and includes removal rear seats, removable rear storage box. Slab reefing on the mainsail with both transom and centre sheeted mainsheet systems. This has a reefable genoa as well as a standard genoa and comes with a conventional spinnaker with complete system  There is an anchor with warp, 2 paddles, bilge rail protection, and even a tidy bag to keep the boat shipshape.   There is also an outboard motor pad with a 3.5hp , 2 stroke Tohatsu outboard with oil and a fuel can. This is completed with a PVC overboom cover and combination trailer trolley unit and jockey wheel.  This Wayfarer has not seen much use in its lifetime and is in very good order – she has just come to us in Emsworth and is SOLD 


Wanderer Esprit sail number 1581 – built in 2007 by Porters with an oxford blue hull a double waterline in turquoise and white with a white bottom and two tone deck. This was the first version of fully self draining Wanderers

This is a lightly used Wanderer with very good equipment and also simply rigged.  The boat has a centre sheeted mainsail with slab reefing and the genoa comes equipped with a furler.

There  is also a cut down (or storm ) mainsail to reduce sail area further. There is a mooring fairlead mounted on the bow.

The combination  trolley is matched to a brand new trailer which also has a jockey wheel to complete the assembly. Lastly , the boat to protected by a good quality PVC cover.

Although the boat has not seen many hours afloat , it has been caringly stored which is evident by its appearance.



Wanderer MD sail number 1046 built in 1992 by Anglo marine with a red hull and ivory deck.

This boat has two sets of sails including 2 spinnakers and all the control systems required to use them. The mainsheet is transom sheeted through a ratchet pulley.

The genoa is also sheeted through ratchets and even the spinnaker sheets have ratchet pulleys.

The cockpit is drained through stainless steel bailers and the boat has just been fitted out with brand new floorboards.

Some of the rigging on the mast has been replaced after inspection.

There is a purpose made trailer trolley unit complete with deluxe jockey wheel.

Lastly the PVC overboom cover has just been replaced so that the boat is ready for a change of ownership.

This attractive package has been checked over here in Emsworth and is ready for sale at £2750.


 Wanderer 761. Built by Anglo marine in 1988 with a white hull and ivory deck.
This boat is in surprisingly good condition with the woodwork looking unstained.
It has good quality sails (mainsail and genoa) with a genoa furler and slab reefing. The mainsail has a buoyant head patch
There are a set of oars and rowlocks as well as mooring cleat and fairlead.
There is a flat storage cover as well as a brand new overboom PVC cover.
This Wanderer sits on a combination trailer trolley set up which also has a jockey wheel.
This is another fine example of a Wanderer that does not show its age and is ready to go without any additions and is being offered at £1900.


Wanderer sail number 405.  Built by Anglo marine in 1984 and has just undergone a major refit to rejuvenate her. She has a parchment hull with ivory deck and has grey painted floor boards.

The thwart is brand new and been varnished and the centreboard and rudder have been painted in white.  The hull has been machine polished and has a cove line in blue.

The mast and boom have been re-rigged and the boat has slab reefing, genoa furling, outboard pad, oars and rowlocks and mooring cleat and fairlead. The fendoff was taken off and replaced with new  and there are new toestraps to complete the upgrade.

The mainsail is transom sheeted through a ratchet block system and she has the traditional transom horse (or track) that is adjustable.

The older sails (mainsail and jib ) have a reduced sail area but there is also a brand new mainsail and genoa included within the specification.

The boat is transported on a purpose made combination trailer trolley and the trolley has puncture proof tyres. There is also a jockey wheel to aid handling on shore.

Lastly the boat has a brand new overboom PVC cover to complete this upgrade.

Wanderer 405 has been checked over and items that were not to the correct standard have been replaced in order to give the new owner many years of enjoyable sailing. The inclusion of a brand new set of sails (both mainsail and genoa) together with new cover should guarantee that no replacements are necessary for the foreseeable future and therefore she is for sale at £2450.



We have a number of clients who have asked us to find them Gulls and Wanderers and so if you are thinking of selling your boat please contact Ian Porter as there appears to be a shortage of good pre owned boats.

Updated: Wednesday, 10 October 2018



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